Environmental and Fiscal Responsibility

As responsible stewards, we want to ensure that every citizen has access to public lands, and that waters, wildlife and natural surroundings are conserved.

And it’s not just the natural resources of Alabamians that the Forever Wild Land Trust protects. The same goes for financial resources. That’s a large part of why no taxpayer monies are used to fund FWLT land acquisitions, educational programs, or communications.

Funding for the Forever Wild Land Trust is generated by the interest earned from offshore natural gas royalties deposited into the Alabama Trust Fund. The FWLT receives 10 percent of the distributed interest, capped at $15 million for any given year. Visit the State Treasurer’s website for information on the Alabama Trust Fund.

Another source of funding is the Forever Wild Land Trust state license plate. For $50 per year, Alabama drivers can purchase the tag, with $42.50 from each sale going toward supporting the program’s mission.

In addition, the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (ADCNR) and partners have developed grant competitive proposals matching state funds to federal funds to support FWLT land acquisitions. No other state funding sources exist to leverage the power of these federal dollars.

Local parks and recreation boards, as well as other programs, offer programs that often benefit from the existence of FWLT lands.