• Grand Bay Savanna

    Grand Bay Savanna Forever Wild Tract

  • Grand Bay Savanna

    Pitcher plants in bloom at Grand Bay Savanna

  • Grand Bay Savanna

    Pitcher plant flowers at Grand Bay Savanna

  • Grand Bay Savanna

    Pitcher plant flowers

  • Snowy Orchid

    Snowy Orchid

  • Grand Bay Savanna

    Boardwalk at Grand Bay Savanna

  • An elevated boardwalk provides a good vantage point for birders.

    An elevated boardwalk provides a good vantage point for birders.

  • Grand Bay Savanna

    Birdwatchers at Grand Bay Savanna

  • Grand Bay Savanna

    Grand Bay Savanna

The Grand Bay Savanna Complex consists of several acquisitions of coastal marsh, maritime forest and flatwoods along the Gulf of Mexico in Mobile County: Grand Bay Savanna Tract, Grand Bay Savanna Addition, Little River Road Addition Tract, Giddens Tract Addition, Drake Addition, Solet Addition, and Richard Addition.

The 5,442.5-acre complex is managed by the State Lands Division as a Nature Preserve for unique plant and animal communities. Upland and wetland areas support small populations of game species, while riparian portions along Portersville and Grand Bays support some wintering waterfowl.

The tract is available for public hunting as well as wildlife observation. 

Article on Grand Bay Savanna

Hunters must possess a valid hunting license, a WMA license and a free map/permit. Permits and other WMA information may be downloaded from the Wildlife Management Areas webpage.

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Project Habitat Watch
Grand Bay Savanna is part of Project Habitat Watch, an ongoing photography project to show the changes in landscape over time.
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Bird Habitat

The Grand Bay Savanna is home to the yellow rail (Coturnicops noveboracensis), a small secretive marsh bird. Biologists are studying this bird to learn more about it. Video on Alabama's Elusive Yellow Rail.

See photos of birds documented at the Grand Bay Savanna tract.

See this tract on an interactive map.

From Mobile, take I-10 West to exit 15A and merge onto US 90 West. Turn left onto Mobile County Road 19. Stay straight onto AL-188. Turn right onto Marine Laboratory Road/University Road. Stay straight to park in the Marine Laboratory Road parking lot or turn left onto Cutoff Road and then right onto Little River Road to park in the Little River Road parking lot. 

To reach the Henderson Camp Road parking lot, take 1-10 West from Mobile to exit 4. Take AL-188 East through Grand Bay. Turn right onto Henderson Camp Road. 

Coordinates for parking lots at Grand Bay Savanna

Henderson Camp Road 
N 30.421415
W -88.3263

Marine Laboratory Road
N 30.39115
W -88.308487

Little River Road
N 30.402076
W -88.276432