• Kentucky Warbler

    On 6/24/2016, a male Kentucky Warbler was recaptured at Wehle. It was first banded on 5/24/2010 as an After Second Year bird. Because it was at least 2 years old before capturing it, we know that it is now at least 8 years, 1 month in age. According to the USGS Bird Banding Lab that keeps longevity records for all North American birds, our Kentucky Warbler is now the oldest on record for its species. surpassing the previous record by more than a year!

  • Kentucky Warbler

    Original band on 8-yr-old Kentucky Warbler

  • Kentucky Warbler

    Kentucky Warbler

  • Carolina Wren

    Carolina Wren

  • Northern Parula

    Northern Parula

  • Wood Thrush

    Wood Thrush

  • Yellow-breasted Chat

    Yellow-breasted Chat